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Take part in our guided tours, experience our products and receive a 5% discount on all purchases.

The next tours will be held on
April 27, May 18, June 29,
from 4 pm until 5:30 pm

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Online-Shop for the strengthening of the life forces, harmonisation of electrosmog and transformation of earth rays

Life forces and vitality

When your life energy is decreasing, ReLux products are able to support you on your way to inner serenity and calmness. Products offered in our online shop contribute to the strengthening self-healing forces and vitality. Thus it will be easier for you to overcome daily pressure and regain your natural balance. Our aesthetical Etheric Source pendants -made out of specially processed minerals and glass- serve as a perfect protection; also while traveling etc. The special construction of the pendants creates a strengthening protection as well as life energy

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Harmonisation of electrosmog

A connection between increasing electromagnetic radiation and the origin of inner pressure and breakdowns are frequently being more mentioned. Pollution due to mobile- and Wi-Fi radiation, fine dust etc. may affect good health and efficiency. Thus it is important to confront these negative effects within the field of life forces and harmonise them. One can choose out of the wide range of ReLux products what could be useful at home,while traveling and in office. The ReLux-sculptures create a positive room atmosphere, thus promoting well being, more life forces and efficiency.

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Improving sleep quality

Disturbing earth rays and water veins may lead to sleeplessness, restlessness, lack of motivation and bad sleep quality. In any case sleeping problems, inner restlessness and lack of motivation should be approached earnestly; they may have an enormous influence on the quality of life.  Our online shop products support the necessary regeneration ability during the night; they are able to promote a healthy sleep thus enhancing good health and efficiency during the day. Children can also be protected against disturbing earth rays using our products.

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Protection from electrosmog

Nowadays electromagnetic radiation is a big disturbing factor and may cause pressure and breakdowns. Electrosmog is caused by frequent comprehensive radiation, e.g. Wi-Fi radiation. Our products enable you to live in a balanced and vital energy field, supporting and harmonizing electro smog and electromagnetic radiation. ReLux devices help to absorb electromagnetic radiations thus enhancing the ability to concentrate.

Vitality and life forces

Support the building up of your life energy and vital power using our products such as glass lenses and glass pendants. You will find many products in our online shop, which strengthen the life forces, and are helpful in overcoming pressure. Our Etheric Source products enable you to reach a state of serenity and balance thus enhancing mental well-being. Due to our selected and natural substances ReLux products support regenerative processes; inner calmness and serenity are enhanced.

Promoting healthy sleep

Frequently rock fractures, earth dislocations and water veins cause sleeping problems. Improve the quality of your sleep and dreams through a transformation of disturbing earth radiation. Bring your sleeping- and working places into balance using a Geometh. However in case you know the source and the course of the water veins and disturbing zones put the Geometh disc directly over these places. Reports of our customers about successful changes can be found under testimonials.

Inner calmness and reactions to stress

Daily high pressure can lead in many cases to breakdowns, lack of motivation and sleeping problems. ReLux products help you to relax for Wi-Fi- and mobile radiations have a negative influence on your sleeping quality and efficiency. Additional balance of Wi-Fi- and mobile radiations enable you to improve the ability to regenerate while sleeping, your efficiency and good health. ReLux Geometh improves the quality of your sleep balancing disturbing earth rays.